Children’s DIY Bird Food Cake


This DIY Bird Food Cake is the perfect afternoon activity for the kids to get stuck into!

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Children’s DIY Bird Food Cake

This DIY Bird Food Cake is a brilliant gift for any children in your life who love a project and enjoy getting a bit messy! This gift is mostly for the birds though, as it includes a tasty combination of bird seeds, black sunflower seeds and peeled red peanuts (yum!). To make this impressive three layer cake, you fill the largest ring with the bird feed, the middle ring with the black sunflower seeds and then the smallest ring with the peeled red peanuts, and then it’s all held together with edible gelatine. Once the gelatine has hardened you can remove all three rings, place it outside in the visible area and watch as the birds enjoy it! The set consists of the three metal rings, the three fillings and gelatine, all packaged in a gift box ready to be wrapped and given to the little baker! Use this gift year after year.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 11 cm


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