French Window Ajar Garden Mirror Illusion


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Make a statement with this French Window Ajar Garden Mirror Illusion which is oozing which romantic charm straight from Paris! Perfect garden gift for any occasion!

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French Window Ajar Garden Mirror Illusion

This French Window Garden Mirror Illusion is a brilliant way to have a year round garden feature that really makes a statement. Oozing with romantic charm, this garden mirror creates the illusion that you’re looking through an open window into a secret garden beyond as it reflects your surrounding garden, making it appear as though there’s added space and depth in your outside space. The wooden frame is supplied in it’s natural state, allowing you to paint or stain it to suit your garden theme and decor, making it unique to you. The mirror itself is made from a strong acrylic plastic, which is 10 times stronger and 80% lighter than glass, making it a durable and safe addition to your garden. Supplied with wall fixings, this mirror is extremely quick and easy to fix to any garden wall or fence, and is provided ready assembld apart from the decorative window handle, which takes a matter of minutes to install. This charming garden mirror would make a great garden gift for any friends or family members for any occasion! Please note – acrylic mirrors are for decorative purposes only and may not give a 100% true and flat reflective image due to the flexibility of the material. Mirrors can reflect light and should be positioned with care – avoid direct sunlight.

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Dimensions 67 × 97 cm